Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ooh whoa whoa - Top 8 Idol Boys 03.04.08

The rumor mill (read: the internet) was churrrning this week, what with 'rocker' Robbie ('I used to date Brit-Brit') wearing a wig, then getting the boot; Danny ('I'm Hannah Montana') and his holiday video surfacing; and, of course, David the Stripper. Who needs singing?! I do! I do!

80s week...this is sacred ground to me. A lot of great and not-so-great songs to be sung. So, let's see who surprises and who disappoints.

Luke ~ Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go ~ OMG. I reject that totally! Of alllll the 80s songs...shoulda worn the shorts & day-glo...or shoulda sang 'Careless Whisper' instead. Ai yi yi.

David A ~ Another Day in Paradise ~ Forgot he plays the piano. Nice surprise. He almost makes me like this song. Surprise again. He's adorable.

Danny ~ Tainted Love ~ I reject that totally! :::shiver::: WHAT was that? Seriously. What WAS that?!

David H ~ It's All Coming Back to Me ~ I like when guys sing girls songs and vice versa. I was aiight for me tonight, Dawg. Perhaps if he unbuttoned just a couple more...

Michael ~ Don't You Forget About Me ~ Quernzy loved him. I like him. And sorta liked his interpretation of the song, though it isn't one of my faves. Uh...Randy, it's not Michael Hutchence/INXS, dawg...it's Jim Kerr and Simple Minds. Oooh, Simon. I agree - haven't found the right song with that connection yet. He will. And he'll explode!

David C ~ Hello ~ Yeah, the Lionel Richie song. Sorry, I reject that totally. No no no no no no no no no no no no. Emo? Bah!

Jason ~ Hallelujah ~ like everyone, Jeff Buckley's version rips you to shreds and is a favorite. I was intrigued...this interpretation was strange and sweet and simple.

Chikeze ~ some Whitney song that I forgot ~ I liked it okay, I guess. He sings quite nicely...not sure why Simon is so harsh on him...

Apologies for the quick/brief recap ~ I have homework *and* am so very exhausted.

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