Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ooh whoa whoa ~ Idol Top 12 03.11.08

New set ~ oooh!

(I'm sick of snarky Simon and Ryan. Mean is not funny.)

Lennon/McCartney night has me scared: this could be absolutely amazing or completely horrendous...

Syesha ~ Got To Get You Into My Life ~ Yes, she can sing. Just not this. Rough start. And she needs to make friends with the show stylist.

Chikeze ~ She's a Woman ~ Wow. How different. I think I like it. No, really. I like it. Very tent revival-esque at the end. Nice! He actually took a risk, mixed it up and it worked. Whew.

Ramiele ~ In My Life ~ Ohh, this is a sentimental, special song to me. OK, seriously? What's with the cheesy stare on the stairs? It's a center-stage, mic stand only type of song. Not blown away. She sounds out of breath. Stylist. Where's the stylist?

Jason ~ If I Fell ~ He's very sweet. I like it and him.

Carly ~ Come Together ~ I totally agree with Quernzy & Greeblemonkey - Carly went up a coupla notches in my book. I liked her and the song. However, I think Amanda woulda rocked it harder and better.

David C ~ Eleanor Rigby ~ another sentimental, special song to me. Nice groove goin' on...and, as much as I hate to admit, I like it. Jury's still out on him but diggin' the song.

Brooke ~ Let It Be ~ I tuned out.

David H ~ Saw Her Standing There ~ for a former 'dancer' he's got lousy moves. Might I suggest the audience wave dollar bills, y'all. OK. The song - Tiffany, in all her mall wisdom, performed it much better.

Amanda ~ Can't Do That ~ I really like her; she's very Grace Slick-ish. She woulda rocked it out on 'Come Together' but did well on this song (even if she sorta mumbled a lot).

Michael ~ Across the Universe ~ Didn't do it for me, dawg. He still hasn't found THE SONG. I'm waiting...

Kristy Lee (who?) ~ 8 Days a Week ~ OMG. Country?! I reject that totally! Horrible. Just horrible, Carrie Underwood Jr. :::shiver:::

David A ~ We Can Work It Out ~ ooh, he messed up the lyrics, tsk tsk. It was okay. Too much pressure on the kid?

Bottom 3? Ramiele, Carrie Underwood Jr, Syesha?


Gunfighter said...

I concur with you comments... especially about Carrie Jr. Enough with the warbling already.

I think that the best of the night was David's Eleanor Rigby... but then, it was always my favorite Beatles song.

So... how have you been since NaBloPoMo?

Reese said...

Hi Gunfighter! Thanks for stopping by :)
I've been okay since NaBlahBlah ~ how 'bout you? Tried to get going with the March 'lists' topic; maybe I'll join up in April...
Regards to DC!

Keri said...

I love Carrie Underwood and Kristy can't touch her. ;)
"Might I suggest the audience wave dollar bills, y'all." LOL!
The song - Tiffany, in all her mall wisdom, performed it much better. I SOOOOO agree! ;)