Wednesday, March 19, 2008

don't crash the car tonight...

Left work early last night in order to make it to the Downtown Women's Center by 6:30 p.m. for an event. Just prior to leaving, I was IMing with a friend in crisis. Telling her I had to scoot, I wanted to reassure her that I'd be available for a bit, but then the cell phone would be off. She assured me she'd be fine.

The typical stop-and-go on the 134 (Sidebar: every time I'm on the 134, I'm reminded of the scene in The Truman Show when he wants to escape...and out of nowhere, the roads are jam packed!)...I brake and gas to the 5, where it's relatively smooth sailing. I listen for the keen text tone on my cell, just in case. People are zooming by, so I'm relieved no calls or texts are coming in.

I exit 4th Street, heading towards downtown L.A. As I'm crossing the 4th Street bridge, my text tone goes off. I ignore it.

When you cross the 4th Street bridge, heading into downtown, two things happen: the road becomes a 5-lane, one-way street and 4th becomes 3rd Street.

It was about this time, I heard the text tone again. I was going to read it, but didn't - I just shut my purse, figuring I'd deal with it when I got to the Center.

There are a lot of cars stopped at Los Angeles Street (where I need to turn left) and the light at San Pedro Street (to which I'm approaching) is green. A huge white 4x4 truck is on my right, some idiot is trying to turn left into the closest one-way lane, currently inhabited mind you by my car, a line of parked cars and a group of people, sorta just standing. With the scowl still on my face, I see a white Honda Civic coming towards me from the right. WTF?! Screeech! Crunch! :::horns blaring:::

Now, correct me if I'm wrong - since I haven't taken drivers ed in a while: is it now acceptable to make a left turn from the far right lane of a 5-lane, one-way road? The young Honda Civic girl is yelling. *Yelling* at me, at the 4x4 lady, just yelling in general. 4x4 hit Honda Civic at the rear driver side door - and thank God! Honda Civic was thisclose - THISCLOSE! - to me and my Camry. Ohhh, I was livid. Honda Civic chick was in my face, yelling (picture this: she is 5'4" in her heels, I am 6'5" in mine) - which is fine, I get it, she's pissed. But then, she yells "fucking bitch" in my face. Uhh, no. So, calmly, I say: are you hurt? Are you okay? She stops yelling; blinks several times. "Yeah, I'm fine." Good. I turn to 4x4 lady who is wailing: are you hurt? Are you okay? She's fine, thanks. I look at my car - no damage. I give 'em each my business card and say "Later!"

I had to sit in my car at the DWC for a few mintues to calm myself. Damn.

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