Sunday, March 30, 2008

tomorrow, tomorrow

I've got 5 weeks to get my blood pressure down, on its way to being under control.

  • Workout ~ I have joined the gym on the Lot - sooo convenient (and reasonably priced). Starting tomorrow morning, I'm there, kicking my ass.
  • Food ~ I walked through the grocery store today, looking at what I eat and/or like to eat; trying to find substitutions. I just need to be much more sensible: got carrots and Roma tomatoes for snacking, Zone bars for morning energy to workout, Crystal Light and Propel flavor packs to kick-up my water, and a box of SlimFast for a chocolate meal-replacement treat.
  • Support ~ got tons of words o'encouragment from friends! I've got 2 partners-in-crime on Twitter (thanks @demca and @illuminato) who are there in solidarity. Got a couple of messages + a scolding from Scot and WayLo. Jaimes and WayLo threatened me, too. So, working out will only help me kick their collective asses. ;)

I will be tracking my progress...keep me honest...keep me on it.

So, bring it on! I'll bring it down.


Lys said...

If ANYONE can kick BP's Azz, it's You! You have the most determination of ANYONE I know and you are right on track!

I'm proud of ya!

Lys said...

And I guess more red wine, less Stella, right? Red wine is good for the heart :)

Reese said...

I'm cutting back on the booze :( Maybe just at English Beat shows! I'm cutting out soda, too.

Thanks for the encouragement! :)