Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ooh whoa whoa ~ Top 12 Boys 02.19.08

OMG! I am *soooo* excited!
I really love American Idol!
I really wish I had TiVo.
iTunes?! *sigh* It's all about the sponsorship, isn't it?

It's Music of the 60s night (I love theme nights!), so let's go:
  • David Hernandez ~ In the Midnight Hour ~ I loved his rendition of "Love the One You're With" during Hollywood week, so I'm pretty excited to hear him tonight. Hmm - digg the gospel-esque start (complete with organ). I'm not connecting with him, though. Move, dude! Good singing, but I'm not engaged.
  • Chikeze ~ More Today Than Yesterday ~ OMG! My favorite song of all time! And he's not doing it very well. He sings really well, he really does. But not this arrangement of the song. OK, Simon - you're just mean! (Calling him 'jacuzzi or whatever' and really, what does clothing have to do with singing? Nothing. Boooooo, Simon!)
  • David Cook ~ Happy Together ~ another of my favorite songs of all time! I'm not on board. I don't know why. I get why RPS like it...I'm just not feelin' it, dawg.
  • Jason Yeager ~ Moon River ~ He's sitting down. Facing the judges. Really? Hmm. Ooh, shaky bit right there in the middle. Ended fairly well. :::shoulder shrug:::
  • Robbie Carrico ~ One ~ Eh. Okay. Not blown away. I really don't understand the judges and their 'logic' or whatever it is. (Sidebar: Robbie previously had a recording contract. Hmm...)
  • David Archuleta ~ Shop Around ~ to paraphrase Kip Winger 'he's only seventeen' - he's so darling! The perfect song interpretation for this competition - fun, appealing. This kid'll go far this year...
  • Danny Noriega ~ Jailhouse Rock ~ He looks like Hannah Montana with Zac Efron hair. Music is playing faster than he's singing. WTF is Paula talking about?! Eh. Not impressed.
  • Luke Menard ~ Everybody's Talking At Me ~ Is it Rissa's Favorite Songs night? I think it is! ;) I love love love this song, from the movie Midnight Cowboy. I think Luke is totally hot. He's a bit too dressed 'down' for my taste - c'mon, he's on TV - but maybe he's relating to the movie? Anyway, it was nicely done singing-wise; but a bit flat.
  • Colton Perry ~ Suspicious Minds ~ Who is this kid? Ugh.
  • Garret Haley ~ Breaking Up is Hard to Do ~ What's American Idol without a Neil Sedaka-penned song? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing! This kid and David Archuleta will be fighting for the teens and tweens votes - they're dreamy. The song? Eh. Simon is brutal. Make him stop.
  • Jason Castro ~ I forgot which song he sang. He's totally darling!
  • Michael Johns ~ Light My Fire ~ another guy with a recording contract. Hmm. He's hot, he's shouting/trying too hard, but he'll get through.
  • I'm guessing Chikeze, Blue Moon guy or Luke will be out tonight.

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Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I'm with on everything but Garrett. ;)