Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can he really do this?! WTH?!

originally posted by beatgirl 10/28/08

- unbelieveable -

I cannot believe what I witnessed today...

I was at the downtown [Portland OR] Rite-Aid, standing in line at the pharmacy.
There were two girls in front of me and one was picking up her prescription.
I over heard the cashier say "Your prescription is ready but you wont be able to pick it up today. You will have to wait until tomorrow"

The girl was was I over hearing this.

The girl said "If my prescription is ready, why cant I pick it up? I need it today. "

She was a little frantic.

She said to the cashier "Its Plan B. I cant wait until tomorrow. Whats the problem?"

The pharmacist approached the counter and said "I have your prescription. I will not dispense it to you because it is against my religious beliefs. There will be another pharmacist working tomorrow. You can pick it up then."

My jaw hit the floor

Who the fuck is this guy? Who is he to impose his personal beliefs on customers? What if this girl was raped? Who the fuck cares what the reason she needed it for...who the hell does he think he is? Besides in the wrong profession.

The girl turned to me with a shocked look on her face and said "Can he do that?"

I said "I dont think so" I then gave her directions to another pharmacy in the area.

I proceeded (along with several of my girlfriends) to call the Rite Aid corporate offices and complain.

They were mortified. They said they would contact the store and find out what happened.

We then received a call from the pharmacy manager of the downtown store. She said that although she apologises for me overhearing the conversation that should have been more confidential, that the pharmacist has the choice of whether to dispense medication based on his beliefs.


I went off on the manager for awhile and then told her that I will never step foot in Rite-Aid again.

And I wont.

This is not over.

~ Can he really do this?? I am stunned. I need to google this...


ChiaLynn said...

I haven't read up on this in awhile, so I don't know exactly what the current state of affairs is, but when I last visited the debate (and from what I found in a quick Google search just now) - it depends on who he works for, and in what state. In Oregon, according to NARAL, he can, but only if he tells you where else you can get it. (Thus explaining why he tried to get her to come back the next day.)

the slackmistress said...

This has been an issue since EC even came out (well, even before that - with the advent of the Pill.)

It depends on the state (or used to) to regulate whether this was legal. However, in a few cases the federal court has jumped in, making it a huge tug of war.

Currently the states that have a protection or right of refusal can be found here:

Conscience Clauses, my ass.

Keri said...

shocked! he is there to work, to do a job... if you are going to be offended by the medications and this & that don't work there. in the end i don't think he'd be responsible for that anyway. god knows you need to work and if the other person is going to take the medication that is their choice.. hello!
Rissa... I'm irratated now.

Fabulously Broke said...

That is EFFED UP!

By the way, am linking to this