Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Have I Done? What Have I Done?!

I signed up for the Short Story Challenge - that's what I done.

Tomorrow night, I will receive a link to my writing assignment - a genre and a subject (such as horror and family reunion). I will then have eight days to write a 2,500 word short story. Eek!

After submitting my story, a panel of judges will read & review and choose winners of Round I. Those winners will then receive another link to a genre and subject. The kicker? Twenty-four hours to write a story. Eek! 24 hours. That's not a whole lotta time.

The winners get cash and prizes. And, that's always good. But, I'm looking forward to the reviews and critiques. My story will be available for peer review after judging. I'm hoping they'll all be gentle. Hell, I'm hoping my story will be read period.

The past couple of months, I've developed a few characters. I can't seem to get a story going...perhaps this contest will allow me to use one of these characters rolling 'round my brain...

2,500 words? 8 days? I can do this.

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