Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WB Mentoring 2010 ~ the Match-Ups

Today's mentoring session was all about the matching of mentors with mentees. It's one of the most fun sessions.

Each person had a sticker placed on his/her back. The stickers had the person's name + a random word - salsa, Lucky, Luigi, mustard, milk, etc. The purpose of the matching game was for mentors - only talking to mentees - to ask ONE question in hopes of learning the word on the sticker on their back. After you correctly guess your word, mentors and mentees were to find their pair - milk & cereal, chips & salsa, Mario & Luigi, Mickey & Minnie (we're WB! tsk tsk tsk), etc.

My word was Jelly (as in I don't think you're ready for this...). My first thought was jelly donut (hey - I was hungry!) but figured I should find Peanut Butter. Alas, there was no Peanut Butter to be found. The 2 girls I thought would likely be matched with me were no match for my Jelly. I was matchless. Boo!

I overheard one of the administrators say my mentee didn't want to stay in the program. I was bummed; but knew Hoolie and Derry would kick some sense into the girl. Relief! I get to stay in the program!

There was one matchless mentee, Patty. Her mentor was absent; so the 2 of us were thrown together for the sake of completing the task at hand. I remember Patty from our first session - she'd had her iPod on and I asked what she was listening to.

"Do you know Billy Idol?"

Huh? Wha'?! Do *I* know Billy Idol?! Girrrl, who you talkin' to?! Do you know Billy Idol? Ha!

Patty and I interviewed each other, chatted about school, movies and the difference between potatoes and sweet potatoes. We were laughing a lot and having a great time.

Hoolie came over ~ "Okay, fine. You're matched." After some convincing (wink), I finally caved.

May I present to you Patty ~ my new mentee and friend!

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