Friday, November 18, 2011

“Why’d You Give That N***** Your Eraser?”: When Your 10-Year-Old Is Called Racial Slurs at School

This video of Losangelista's two young boys breaks my heart.
There is no 'post-racial' America.
It is NOT okay to treat another human this way!
It is NOT okay for you to allow your children to treat another human this way!
It is NOT harmless teasing.
It is NOT a "kids will be kids, boys will be boys" scenario.
It is the worst fucking word in the history of words. If you substitute the N with a J and add an A to the end, it doesn't change a damn thing. It is the most hurtful word.
Damn this shit breaks my heart.
Breaks. My. Heart.
People ~ this is not okay.

@Losangelista ~ thank you.

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Sonnet of a Spirit said...

This world can be cruel sometimes. And you're right; it is NOT okay to say that word. Ever!