Thursday, February 23, 2012


OK - here's the situation...

A new job opportunity has presented itself to me. It's not full-time guaranteed work; though, I'm fairly certain work will be steady. I'll have no medical benefits nor retirement plan. I would be able to set my own work hours/work days. The job requires I Maui. My initial reaction? I'm outta here! Without hesitation. I fell in love with Maui. I felt slow and happy and relaxed. Maui didn't feel like home; but it felt like it could be. I need more specifics re: the job and the reality of work. On my list of pros and cons, only two cons were listed: no medical benefits, no retirement. There's a slight queasy fear rolling around my stomach. And THAT gut feeling is what's pushing me, urging me to say yes, to pick up and move. Isn't that weird? My fear is compelling me to say yes instead of no. "More experiences" is on my 2012 goals's an adventure! It's something new! It's me saying yes instead of no!

I'd miss my family. My parents are older, fairly healthy but, still, they're in their 70s. I'd miss my brother's kids growing up - 8, 6, 4, 1. My great-nephew was just born last month - I'd get to know him from afar. "Island fever" is a slight concern. Though Hawaii is much more expensive than the mainland, my lifestyle would be different, wouldn't it? My way of life, quality of life would change - for the better, right?

If I were 30, I'd be gone. Gone! I'm middle-aged for fuck's sake! What the hell am I thinking?! Give up a full-time job with security and benefits and retirement and stock? Am I crazy?? I may be. I'm giving this serious thought. As much as fear is propelling me forward, practicality is reeling me in - "Whoa! Easy, Turbo." I could be successful as a wedding officiant. When it comes to destination weddings, wouldn't couples want to be married by a kama'aina or kanaka? And, with civil unions legal in Hawaii, I'm sure steady work would be mine. There are several hotels on the island, not just the one resort. I could certainly build up business - website, word of mouth, convince all of my friends to marry in Maui.

So much to consider...oh, how I would love to do this, make this move...a lot of questions need to be asked and answered...what an incredible opportunity and experience! It's exciting and terrifying!

What are your thoughts? Am I crazy?


Jewels said...

I don't think you're crazy, at all. What an amazing opportunity. I've never even been to Hawaii, so I could live vicariously through your blog.

Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos said...

Honestly Reese - if you had asked me this 5 years ago, I might have said "Are you nuts?!?!" but, after much thought and reflection, I'd probably be telling you "I'll visit you in Maui!" "Aloha". Listen, life is too short and the Ceremonyist is just taking off. Maui is only the tip of the iceberg (or surfboard). Set a realistic time limit and see where this adventure takes you :) (If you do decide to take a leap of faith). Any decision, you know I'd support you! (and, if you did indeed move, I'd come visit - fish tacos, kona coffee and some seriously nice eye candy - Aloha indeed ;))

Mel said...

You know I'm the first person to say "DO IT!" "Live out loud" is my mantra.

But Maui?

Your ability to road trip for the fun of it is virtually eliminated. Your cost to fly back to the mainland is doubled (if not tripled).

And at 30, having health insurance isn't a biggie. At our age? It's kind of a biggie.

I support you 100% in whatever you do, you know that, but just make sure you're looking at all the pros/cons.

Love ya girl!