Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wait. What? How can it be my last day in Maui? I didn't even get to post about Days 2, 3, or 4!

So, it is my last day. What a drag. I have had an incredible time on this island ~ a wedding, new friends, loads of love, a beautiful island, and whale watching from my balcony. I could get used to falling asleep to the sounds of wind and waves, ocean breeze blowing through screens, eating ahi tacos at Paia Fish Market.

I had a wonderful body scrub and massage on Saturday morning at Mandara Spa, onsite at the Wailea Marriott. The facility is small and simple. I found the Relaxation Lounge to be anything but. Despite the candles and bamboo decor, the chairs were much too rigid. I get that the space is merely a waiting room; but give me comfy, cushy chairs or sofas. It is a relaxation lounge. The worst part of the room is that waterfall. Ai yi yi! The waterfall takes up one length of wall. The stonework is nice, but the water rushes out too fast. It's not soothing whatsoever. The sound is not calming like ocean waves; it's loud and crashing and monotonous. I ended up sitting in the steam room.

25 minutes of body scrub, 25 minutes of massage. Heaven. After the scrub, I was taken to the shower to rinse. My skin felt foreign it felt so soft and smooth! The best part? The scalp and foot massage. Ho-lay mo-lay! I nearly wept as she worked her magic on my poor aching feet. (Sidebar: I only packed a carry-on bag for this trip, so only 2 pairs of shoes made the cut. With all of the walking I did wearing slippah, next time, I'm spending the cash to check a bag.)

After the spa, we took a trip to Paia Fish Market. This place is about as big as a 7-11. The fish is fresh, caught that morning, so the options change daily. I opted for ahi tacos - foodgasm! On a slow day, the place makes $5k. On a busy day? They rake in over $30k! Dayum! If I lived here, they'd certainly get most of my money. As a matter o'fact, the Paia Fish Market is getting the last of my cash before I hit the airport today ;)

Yesterday's wedding was absolutely fantastic. Steve and Chrissy were so calm about it, while I stressed out. I wanted to ceremony to be perfect for them - they're my friends! I ended up creating something beautiful for them that was fun and personal and even made a few people cry. The Wailea Seaside Chapel at sunset is breathtaking - the sun filtered through gorgeous stained glass into the candlelit chapel. They had chosen a harpist, which suited the room perfectly. The whole room was exquisite. Their wedding coordinator did a great job with all of the details. (Sidebar: I was told there's a job waiting for me if I decide to move to Maui. Hmm...). The ceremony was short and lovely. The reception was long and lively. The 2 of them together are wonderful to watch and their friends/family are so full of love for each other. I was so honored to be part of it. Looks like I'll be heading to Denver soon :) Steve and Chrissy ~ I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness and an abundance of joy!

Today, I blog...I pack...I eat Paia Fish Market...and I go home. *sigh*

It's been wonderful, Maui. Let's do it again, soon.

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