Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maui - Day 1 (2.10)

Day 1 ~ Maui

I'm a pretty good flyer. Sometimes turbulence happens and I'm okay with that. But, this LAX-OGG flight? I was not okay. You know it's bad when the pilot calls for the flight staff to take their jump seats 3 times during the 5+ hour flight.

We're staying at the Wailea Marriott ~ a sprawling property with an infinity pool, a water park-like pool for kids, a Starbucks, gorgeous foliage, and a spa. My room faces the ocean. I could sit on this balcony all day…I kinda want to sit on this balcony all day. Why do I not live here? *sigh*

Earlier, while getting ready for dinner, I kept hearing a lady screaming, shrieking. I didn't see any commotion outside my room, then realized the luau was going on on the other side of the building. Maybe she was scared for the fire dancers or something. Ready to go, I walked out to watch the sunset. The lady was below the landing, still screaming, still shrieking. There was an eruption of applause and screams ~ 3 whales were about 200 yards offshore, breaching! Not just once, several times in a row. It was fucking incredible! About 300 yards from that, another whale was slapping the water with its fin. Shamu? The whale was slapping the water with its fin! So incredibly moving and amazing and I felt so small yet connected and oh, how I wished there was a hand to grab at that moment and I felt lonely and started crying. Then, I got mad at the beautiful sunset because I couldn't see the whales anymore.

After a enjoying ridiculous amounts of sushi and sake, I'm back in my hotel room, sliding glass door wide open, listening to the waves crash against the rocky shore. I know whales are migrating past right now…and I want to see them…I want them to call me up and say "Hey, we'll honk as we go by!" I'm silly, I know. I am feeling so much right now! I don't understand most of it and I can't explain any of it.

The rhythm of the wind and the waves…my lullaby.

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