Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Girl Can't Help It

Sunday, while at the gym, confidently striding on the elliptical, I made a mental checklist of things to accomplish (laundry, go through the magazines, etc). However, this was not to be. I got a text from BFF Mandy - Gotta go to Nordys Rack and real Nordys. Want to come with? Uhh, is my name Reese? Hell yeah, I wanna go! Nordstrom Rack AND Nordstrom?! Now, I realize this was the wrong choice. But, I went with it. Come on ~ the new Nordstrom @ Topanga is gorrrrrrr-juss! It's huge and pretty and new and gorrrrrrr-juss. The Girl can't help it.

So, me & my BFF head to the Rack. I'm usually pretty lucky when it comes to size 12 shoes at the Rack. But, was sorely disappointed in this trip. I don't need Nikes or Reeboks. I want Steve Maddens or Franco Sartos! None to be had. Fine. "Let's look at jewelry." OK! One word, kids - Sorrelli. Ohmigosh. I've seen Sorrelli, but never looked at Sorrelli. Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! And, there it was...gorrrrrr-juss bracelet, sparkling stones arranged like flowers all around the wrist. It sparkles! I mean, seriously sparkles. I bought it. Every girl's gotta have some bling, right? The Girl can't help it. The sales girls were very impressed - 'it looks so good on you!' (Duh!); 'you can wear it with anything - jeans, dress, pants - it'll make any outfit'; 'it just pops!' I know! (Monica voice) The Girl can't help it.

Across the street lies mecca - Topanga Plaza. The whole mall was recently overhauled, refurbished and is now simply magnificent. All of my favorite stores are there: Nordstrom, Torrid, Bare Escentuals, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Target. Wanna know what we had for lunch? Sushi! Sushi in the food court, you ask? I know! Ohhh, but it was good. The Girl can't help it.

Then, we hit Nordstrom. :::heavens part, angels' choir sing::: The store is spectacular, really. Over here is Point of View. Over there is Savvy. Across the way is the designer section - Valentino, Chanel, hoity-toity. BFF Mandy & I looked around, grabbed what she needed, except for the Nine West black lace dress - not in her size, blah blah blah (just gonna fast-forward right here).

I gotta tell ya, BFF Mandy is the wrong person for me to shop with. While I try to be my own voice of reason (oxymoronic, I know), she's complimenting the hell outta me - whatever it is! "Ohhh the bracelet is stunning! It really just pops! It looks so good on you!" How do you think I got that Sorrelli bracelet? Her. We wander into the Encore section and there it is. The same black lace Nine West dress BFF Mandy had her eye on. And it is in my size! (the pic doesn't do the dress justice. But, I sure do!)

I'm a little hesitant when it comes to shirtdresses because my lack of a waist is emphasized. I really wanted a great Maggy London, but the patterns were very...eh. So, I try on the Nine West. Uhh, helloooo. Houston, we have a waist! The dress is perfect - shows off the girls, shows the waist I've been looking for, hits and drapes in the right places, and shows off my legs. Basically, this dress shows off all of the hard work I've done since November 2006. Hell yeah it does! Y'know what? I bought it. The Girl can't help it!

Props & a shout-out to Journey for providing today's mantra: Girl Can't Help It


Lys said...

Now *THAT* is a DRESS!!! Mandy is quite the shopping enabler :)

Anonymous said...

I love sorrelli jewelry!!