Monday, April 09, 2007

Well, I could get a great all-over tan...

Three weeks from today, I'll be in Hawaii. Yay me!
It occurred to me last Friday, that I do not have a bathing suit. Boo me! I'm the CATHY cartoon when it comes to bathing suit shopping. I *so* don't want to do this. But, I sorta have to. :::sniffle:::

I did some online looking today. WTC?! WHY are bathing suits $80, even $100+? WHY are tankinis the only options for plus-size girls? WHY does Newport News only offer my favorite swimsuit EVER in a hideous floral/jungle print? Why why why?! I checked out The Avenue, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Junonia, Kiyonna, Catherine's, Land's End, Newport News, Spiegel, Macy's, even Target. No bathing suit, but got 2 *great* dresses:

But, I digress. :)

With much dread and trepidation, I opted for the tankini from Old Navy in Cassis (read: brown).

Because of my unique size/shape (6'2", plus-size), tankinis scare the crap outta me. Most are not long enough to cover my tummy and the bottoms do not come up high enough. I ordered this one in a size larger, hoping that will allow for more coverage. I'll find out in 4-7 days. I can always return...and get board shorts instead.
If that doesn't work, I could find the nude beach.

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