Friday, April 20, 2007

ooooh, it's a Fashion Challenge!

Once again, Lys took time out of her day (bless her heart!) to kindly point out Sarah's blog - a fashion challenge. She knows I a) love fashion and b) usually take up a challenge. OK, kids, here we go!

The Challenge: replicate a designer outfit for less than $100. Sarah came in at a little over $90 with her Angie Harmon inspired ensemble. Lys, ever the budget-conscious one, put together an outfit to rival the actual outfit Sara Ramirez wore.

Since I've been dealing with turning 40 (T minus-11 days and counting), I chose the oh-so-fabulous at 40, Halle Berry. Hell, if I'm gonna be 40, who better to be 40 with?! My *twist* is to find it for plus-size.

Halle in Dolce & Gabbana dress
and Christian Louboutin shoes

And, here's mine:

Fronting in Black

back lace-up pencil skirt, black

Megan Peep Toe w/Mary Jane heel, black

Grand total: $94.99

Yay me!


Sarah said...

this is a great one!! i love that outfit!

Lys said...

Reese - this, my friend, is why I bow to you in any fashion challenge! This is beyond stylish and I totally forgot about Torrid. Eeeks!


Libby said...

Well done!! (And happy birthday in advance to you, my fellow Taurus.)

Jenny said...

That shirt is awesome. I want! Awesome job. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful match.