Tuesday, July 15, 2008


**Shameless Plug Alert! Shameless Plug Alert!**

Friday, July 18, 2008 marks the opening of The Dark Knight.
It's brilliant, disturbing, funny, dark and fucking fantastic!

Yes, it's one of my movies; and I normally don't do the shameless plug thing.

For this movie? Hell, yeah I am!

See it.
No - see it in IMAX!
You're welcome.


Me, Simply, Me!! said...

Sometimes I envy you. Sometimes I don't. Right now I am just damn f**king jealous of you!!
I bought my ticket for the 12:01am showing..I hope it's worth it!! But I am sure it is! Nothing better than a thumbs up from Rissa!!

The CDP. said...

I've got Friday night IMAX tickets, which appear to be all but sold out nationwide by this point. I've seriously been waiting two years for this.

I. Can't. Wait.