Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet...

5.4 earthquake this morning; centered in Chino Hills CA.

Luckily our building is retro-fitted, allowing it to roll and sway with the earthquake. The sucky thing is that it makes the quake seem much stronger than it truly is.

I'm fine. The family is fine. I'll be on my way home shortly to make sure Riley and my apartment are fine, as well.

An east-coast friend asked "What do you do during an earthquake?" You ride it out and then you freak out.

BTW ~ TwitterVille was ON IT re: earthquake coverage! :)

Thanks for the texts and such asking after me and my family ~ xoxo

~ This is what 5.4 looks like seismologically ~

~ Where it all happened. I'm near the green dot labeled 'Pasadena' ~

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