Tuesday, July 08, 2008

...knowing you can always count on me, for sure...

Here's to TheGirls ~ G, Suz, Sheri, P & me ~ and our 4 Wineries and a Wedding weekend in Santa Barbara.

@ the Santa Barbara Zoo
sharing the love at the wedding
dancing divas @ the reception
our last morning in Santa Barbara
the Wineaux @ Curtis Winery
@ Curtis Winery, Los Olivos CA
sunset @ Casa de Jones
@ the zoo


MONEKE said...

You are rockin the hell outta that green dress I love it!

Reese said...

Isn't it fab?? That CL purse would go soooo good with the dress, doncha think? ;p

Thanks - I got so many compliments on the dress that I think I'll wear it every single day.

xo @moneke - love ya girl!