Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NaBloPoMo 7.20 - Summer Tour 2010

Several months ago, I found out two of my favorite bands would be touring together. At the time, I made a comment about following the tour around for the summer. And that's exactly what I am going to do!

On Thursday, I head to Minneapolis to start my 8-city tour with Squeeze & the English Beat. How freakin' awesome is THAT?! VERY, I say. Very!

Let me say I am not touring WITH them; but I am touring with them.

Y'all already know I am a huge fan of Dave Wakeling & the English Beat. When they're in town (sometimes even when they're not in town), I go see their show. It's my 2 hours of happy ~ dancing, singing, good times! I have always been a fan of Squeeze. Last year, I saw Glenn Tilbrook perform in Philadelphia for the Love Hope Strength PhillyRocks show. My love was rekindled. I was lucky enough to see Glenn on a swing through L.A. - such an excellent showman. Put all that together and it's a tour I can't miss! I won't miss it.

Minneapolis 7/22
Aspen CO 7/24
Denver CO 7/25
Vegas, baby 7/27
Home sweet home 7/28
Saratoga @ a winery 7/30
Napa not @ a winery 7/31
San Francisco 8/1

If you are going to any of these shows, let me know ~ we'll drink and talk or hug or something.

Woo hooo!

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