Saturday, July 03, 2010

NaBloPoMo 7.3 - The Love You Save

Write a story (in 12 minutes!) about a couple breaking up and include the following phrases:
  • upstairs the clock ticked softly
  • he asked her to take off her clothes
  • suddenly the door was thrown open
  • the nest was empty
  • all the people disappeared
  • his laughter could be heard in the next county

I sat beneath the tree, staring at the tangle of limbs, branches and twigs. Quietly, I scamper up the trunk, nails piercing the wood. I silently scoot across the branch near the balcony and discover the nest was empty. I contemplate a jump, readying myself when suddenly the door was thrown open. I awkwardly jump down and scurry in the back door. I stop at the foot of the stairs…then silently make my way up. I lay outside the door, in the hall. He speaks.

“I never noticed how softly this upstairs clock ticks…”
You wouldn’t, I thought. Too much time downstairs.
“Yeah…” she said.

Drawers open and close, doors slide to either side. The cross paths but avoid touching. She gasped – “Will I WHAT?!” He points to the boxes atop his gym bag.

“I said will you take off your clothes…from my bag. Sorry…wording…bad…”

I ran downstairs and curled up on the sofa in front of the TV. It was some comedian who had a laugh that could be heard in the next county. He padded down the stairs, looked at me and said goodbye. I was silent. She came downstairs, too.

“Nala…come on, kitty…into your box…”

She kissed my nose and I crawled into the box. She hit the remote and all the people disappeared.

Note – I hand write my stories…and they seem much longer in my notebook. I’m looking at this like, it took you 12 minutes to write THAT?!

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