Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Davio's - I love you!

Dropped by Davio's for soup and wine. The restaurant is part of the Club Quarters hotel. Lys and I had dinner at Davio's last year - yummy!

So, I'm at the bar...drinking Zinfandel ("The red one?" "Is there any other?"), perusing the bar menu. All I read was Roasted Pumpkin soup. Done!

Out comes the guy with a bowl on platter and a pitcher of some sort. He places the bowl on platter in front of me - the bowl has short ribs. Huh? What? He then pours the contents of the pitcher over the short ribs. I know! I grabbed the menu when he walked away - Roasted Pumpkin Soup over Cinnamon braised short ribs! Ohhh yeah!

Delish. I want it again.

If/When you're in Philadelphia ~ eat at Davio's!

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