Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Plan

I bought a Philadelphia CityPass the other day for $54.00 - which isn't such a bad deal. That $54 covers my admission to the zoo, the Ben Franklin Science museum, the National Constitution Center, the aquarium (yay!) and a few others. This is The Plan (subject to change):

Saturday ~ arrive; settle; dinner/drinks with friends.
Sunday ~ Philadelphia Museum of Art (with the Rocky steps) and the Rodin museum; the Planetarium/Franklin Science museum, if time.
Monday ~ zoo or aquarium - depends upon the weather
Tuesday ~ Election Day! Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross's house, Constitution Museum; then back to the hotel to watch the results. I am so ridiculously excited about this election!
Wednesday ~ whatever I haven't done already
Thursday ~ tea with a dear friend
Friday - Saturday ~ hang with the gang for Lys's birthday, shopping will be in there somewhere
Sunday ~ some football, then head home.

Full week o'stuff will make for a full week o'blog stuff. Yay!

~ Happy Birthday to my brother! ~

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Mike Gallagher said...

Hello Reese, That's nice to hear. Thanks for buying the CityPass. I started CityPass with a friend of mine about 12 years ago. I will interested to know how your "plan" goes.
Best Regards, Mike Gallagher