Wednesday, November 12, 2008 pick up a pen and paper...

Pamela's advanced Creative Writing class started last Sunday night - hooray! There weren't enough people interested for a summer session, so she only had the beginners class. But now she's back. And I am, too.

I didn't make Sunday's class as I was on a plane. In Denver. Waiting for a stewardess to join our crew. And her flight was delayed. Oh, yes - let's hold up 140+ people for one person. None of us has anything better to do.

:::ahem::: I digress...I've been looking forward to this class for months. I've missed having a loosely structured topic to write about. Several times I found myself trying to write (even this blog) and getting stuck. Is that writers block? I have tons of ideas floating around en mi cabeza but nothing seems to connect or make sense so I don't write. Hope this class helps.

What I truly enjoy is the creativity in the room. Holy crap these women are talented! The ideas, the writing styles, the topics...Pamela has a wonderful way of guiding us, allowing each of us to harness that power and put it onto paper. I'm so excited to get back to it! I already have an idea for a story...

I enjoy writing, but in no way consider myself a writer. I'm workin' on it!

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