Saturday, November 22, 2008

Me. Last night. Yay!

Little Dragon, Take and Anomie Bell ~ 11/21/08 @ the Roxy

I'm just putting this out there now: I am in love love love with Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon! She is totally adorable.

Moving on...

Last night's Little Dragon show at the Roxy in West Hollywood was great. DJ Jason Bentley wasn't there. Boo! However, his replacement, DJ Take? Rocked it out! Yay! He's got mad mix skills and his original beats had everyone movin' 'round the floor. I was quite impressed ~ check him out on

The opening act was Anomie Belle. Meh. Her musicianship (keys, violin, MacBook) was impressive, no doubt. I just wasn't impressed by her vocals. Now, her vocals mixed with her two background singers was somewhat melodic. Their vocals were much stronger. Anomie Belle is totally adorable and looked genuinely touched when she received audience applause; I just wasn't digging her scene.

Little Dragon. Damn. I was groovin' all night! And am paying for it dearly today. God bless Aleve. Their show is like watching a jam session or band rehearsal...Yukimi plays a lot to the band; which was irksome at first, but it's a mutual admiration society, so I was ultimately okay with it. The sly looks between her and the keyboardist had me thinking maybe there's a little somethin somethin going on there...

Yukimi has strong vocals and dances around like a mad woman on stage. She even put her shoes on, jumped off stage and danced through the audience. I think she was strongest on 'After the Rain' and 'Wink' - both of which had the audience singing along. My absolute favorite of the night was the 'Constant Surprises' encore - everyone was singing along. They ended with this jam of drums, drum machines, keys, bass and percussion that was stellar. I really wanted it to go on and on and on and on...

I'm seriously considering checking 'em out Tuesday night in Orange County...they were *that* good!

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