Saturday, November 08, 2008


Lys's birthday party tonight @ the Bourbon Blue in Mannyunk (sp?)! I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends, hanging out, catching up and drinking.

The trip so far has been perfect - sleep, read, drink, eat, walk around town, a couple of museums, friends and good times. The weather hasn't been the best; but I did experience a couple of days of gorgeousness. We drove along the river yesterday...the trees were beautiful! The colors were so vibrant; a true autumn.

People in this city drive like maniacs. Seriously. I thought SoCal drivers were bad. Sheesh!

I'm very disappointed in myself: I've only had two cheesesteaks. I know! I've had some awesome food at other awesome places; but c'mon - I'm in Philadelphia! Ya gotta have an effing cheesesteak, right? to King of Prussia mall cuz they have Nordstrom and Nordstrom is having its sale. Wooo hoooo!

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