Monday, November 10, 2008

Four Points Sheraton Northeast

Four Points Sheraton Northeast
9461 Roosevelt Boulevard
Philadelphia PA 19114


My stay here was okay. There are several things I like about the Four Points Sheraton Northeast; however, one incident overshadowed my 3-night stay.

Let's hit the YAYs:
  • the room ~ quite spacious for a 2Q room, I was pleasantly surprised. Flat screen TV, lots of pillows, closet but no dresser/drawers.
  • the bathroom ~ nice, perfect for one. The decor reminded me of Bath & Body Works. I liked the basket of towels, though the towel rack was located under the sink making it difficult to actually dry your towels. The shower head was high, God bless you Four Points Sheraton and your overhaul!
  • Henrietta and Todd ~ Henrietta checked me into the hotel. She's lovely - excellent customer service, knowledgeable, friendly. Todd - the only one who asked about the 'incident' and the only one involved who offered an apology.

Let's hit the BOOs:

  • the location ~ far, far away. I now know not to stay out that way if everything I'm doing is in the City.
  • the business center ~ one computer. In the bar area. Better than nothing; but when the term 'business center' is used, a totally different picture is painted.
  • the kids in the hall ~ there were 300 kids in the room next to mine. They were running up and down the hall, yelling like it was a school hall or something. I was annoyed when they were yelling at 2:00 a.m. I didn't call down to the desk or report anything. My bad. Truly.

The Incident:

I needed a shirt pressed for Lys' bday party. According to the dry cleaning form in the room, same-day service is available if items are left by 8:00 a.m., Monday-Friday. Cool. Done.

I handed the dry cleaning bag to Todd when we left for dinner Thursday night.

On Friday evening - about 6 o'clock - I stopped at the desk to pick up my shirt. The girl, "A" came back empty-handed.

We don't have it.
You're kidding me, right?
No. We don't have it.

I stand there, hands in my hair, as A and Todd look in the back room.

No, it's not here.

I walk away, thoroughly pissed. In that state, I can't talk; I have to walk away. In my room, I'm pacing - is it lost? Has the dry cleaning company just not come by to drop off stuff yet? Did the dry cleaning company simply forget and they're coming back? What the hell am I going to wear to the party?! I grabbed the other dry cleaning form, reading their liability statement - something about six times the value of the service. I don't know. I went back downstairs.

At the desk, waiting to be helped, "A" says "We found your shirt - the bag fell behind boxes." She goes into the back room and presents me with a bag. The same bag in which I dropped off my shirt. It never went out! Grr!

And that was it. She said nothing. No apology. No explanation. No other options offered. Nothing. Ohhh, I was seething. Again, I just had to walk away.

Later that night, I told my tale to the manager on duty. He apologized on her behalf and offered me complimentary breakfast (which I declined).

On Saturday, I was still bothered by the incident. Well, bothered by her lack of customer service in comparison to the customer service received from the other hotel staff. Todd even approached me, asked if my shirt had been cleaned and offered up apologies for it not being handled. And that was a day later! Anyway, still bothered, I wrote a letter to the General Manager. Not sure if he'll get it; and, if so, not sure anything will be addressed.

Overall, if you have business that takes you to Northeast Philadelphia, I cannot fully recommend the Four Points Sheraton. Which is really too bad.

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