Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm with the Band

Sunday night found me in a huge fabric warehouse watching/listening to Js band rehearse. When I got the invite, I was instantly sold - the promise of beer only sealed the deal. It would be my first time meeting all of the band and hearing the music live. Lemme tell ya, I was pretty damn stoked.

J let us (HH and me) listen to two new tracks plus a remixed version of another track - liked all 3, loved the vocals and the vocal mix on the 2nd one.

J brought a new guitarist onboard. So new, in fact, that Sunday night was only the 3rd time the guy had rehearsed/played with the band. Lemme tell ya, no tell-tale signs this guy was new. He fit with the others, interacted with the others, contributed ideas and looked so comfortable no one would ever have guessed. And this guy rocked it out. Seriously rocked it the hell out!

The guys ran through the six songs several times ~ tweaking this, adding that, "Let's try..." this, "just do..." that. I loved it! I loved watching that collaboration, that on-the-spot creativity and then it all just gels. So inspiring. They looked like a band. They sounded great!

These guys are going places.

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