Thursday, April 03, 2008

NaBloPoMo: C is for Creative Writing Class

Next week is my final Creative Writing class. I can't believe it! We started in January; it's now April. Time sure has flown by...

This class has truly been a godsend ~ the teacher, the women in the class, the writings. Pamela has created this environment that allows me to be open, to share and feel safe in doing so. I love her active participation in my writing assignments: laughter, nodding in agreement and/or recognition, the "mmm hmm mm" when I've turned a clever phrase. She praises and she suggests; she encourages and allows. She brilliant in every sense of the word - strong, smart and shining.

The women in the class are phenomenal! There are only 7 of us, ages ranging from early 20s to late 50s. One woman has a Masters in Creative Writing, another just decided she'd like to try writing. We share anecdotes after each story assignment is read as it's inevitable that one of us has had a similar experience to one we've just heard (whether the story is true or crafted). Each of us has opened up, written about painful bits of her life, shared secrets. It is truly inspiring.

My writing has improved immensely! I am sooooo amazed. I've developed 2 or 3 characters to feature in a short story (our final assignment due next week ~ EEEK!), I've written descriptive stories in 10-15 minutes which have drawn kudos & laughs, and I've slowly sharpened my writing style. Most importantly, I've learned to just write. It's wonderful!

I've developed friends, admirers and confidence in my writing. A godsend; definitely a godsend.

Maybe I'll share one or two of my writings...maybe my short story...ooooh!

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