Tuesday, April 08, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ a night of volunteering

Dear Downtown Women's Center,

I came to you almost six years ago with a desire to give back to my community. In that time, I have done arts & crafts in the Day Center, taught sign language to residents in the residence lobby, participated in surveys in which I contributed my thoughts about fundraising and the future of the DWC. As much as I've enjoyed each one of these activities, nothing has made (or continues to make) my heart so full as the Cooking Club has.

Moonlight Cooking Club was my very first visit and contact with the DWC. My $20 worth of groceries helped make a meal for 100+ women. It was such a well-oiled machine - tried & true tested recipes, each phase written out in great detail and orchestrated with precision, each person doing his/her part by slicing, dicing, cooking, cleaning. I was so happy and fulfilled, I came back as often as possible.

Now, the WOW group at work is officially linked with DWC - and I couldn't be more proud! I am so glad the group has chosen you as its Community Outreach Partner *and* we have our own Cooking Club. What fun!

I just left the Center; we had Cooking Club tonight - stuffed shells, Greek salad, fruit salad and garlic bread. We had a great group tonight, worked well together and got our shit done in 90 minutes.

Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer.
Thank you for the happy and full heart.

~ Rissa

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