Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Letter to Rissa

To Me, From Me

Dear Rissa,

Tomorrow you turn 41. One year ago, what a mess you were (but we don't need to rehash that now, do we?). Just want to say a few things to you:

1. I am so proud of you for stepping up to get yourself healthy! You've done it before - remember the trainer? - with great results. This time, however, you did it on your own. And, you're still doing it. 7 pounds in 4 weeks, a tremendous drop in your blood pressure and no additional meds from the doctor. You go!

2. Have you noticed all the things you're doing on your own? You're traveling alone. You're checking out new music around town on your own. You're getting new bands, networking, fostering business relationships and solidifying personal ones on your own. You found that writing class, committed to it and wrote your first short story! All of these seemingly little steps equal one big step for you. Feels good, huh?

3. Along with on your own comes the strengthening of your confidence. Paula said it to you years ago while at CSUN - "Hear me now; believe me later: there's nothing more beautiful than a confident woman." Hell yeah!

4. Love. *sigh* Well...I know love was something you wanted to find and be in this year. No, you didn't find that romantic love this past year. You did, however, find a love that is 100 times better - love of yourself. That love will be with you always.

Tomorrow you turn 41. May this year bring with it healthier days, more stand on your own moments, more confidence and love of all kinds!

I am truly proud of you.


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