Monday, April 07, 2008

Procrastination running circles in my head

I should be writing. Well, technically, I *am* writing. However, I should be writing my short story. I’m not.

Last week, I fell out of love with my character. I just wasn’t feeling her at all when I was writing. Our class has been based on developing this character, getting to know him or her, his characteristics, her thoughts and processes. I lived with her for 7-8 weeks, then BOOM! She was gone. A lot of elements I had created for her, I stopped liking. I wanted to change her age, some of her motives and reactions. But, with only one week left of class, I couldn’t fully develop another character *and* write a short story.

I wrote a story yesterday, let it sit, re-read, edited and then scrapped it. I’m not a perfectionist per se; the story just wasn’t where I wanted to go. By completing the story so soon, I second-guess, question, debate and change. So, I should be writing another one now. I’m not.

What I may do is flesh-out my secondary character a bit more and write a story around her. I don’t know!

I should be writing right now. But, I’m not. Procrastination running circles in my head...

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