Monday, April 28, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ T

Tea Party!

Yesterday, The Girls celebrated my birthday with a lovely tea party at the Vintage Tea Leaf in Long Beach. It's one of my favorite tea houses in Southern Californina ~ overstuffed chairs (which I love), wing-back chairs, love seats, cushions, brocade and paisley in rich luscious colors everywhere. It's like visiting a Grandma's house!

You enter the VTL through a little gift shop - very smart. In the back is a room filled with hats. Hats and hats and more hats! This is where we found Polly, G and Marcia - trying on different hats. Polly had a great black/white polka dot hat in her hand, which just so happened to go with my dress. Of course, I put it on straight away!

Next to the hat room are 3 or 4 racks filled with tea cups and saucers. There were hundreds to choose from ~ floral, Japanese art, bold solid colors ~ gorgeous sets. I chose a pretty purple floral set with 'Happy Birthday' in gold on the saucer and the teacup.

The Tea Mistress made everything easy ~ suggested teas and services, bringing courses out at just the right times. We had scones (she pronounced it sconnz but that reminds me of a wall sconce, not a yummy biscuit) with lemon curd and Devon cream. Ohhh, heaven! I broke my scone into small bites to make it last longer. We had several teas ~ white tea pomegranite, Friends tea, Lady B's Southern Comfort ~ I think we went through 7 pots!

Then, the sandwiches came out. Ohhh, heaven! Blue cheese with apples was my favorite. We also had egg salad, cucumber/cream cheese, avocado/black bean, chicken tarragon salad, roast beef...ohhh, heaven!

And, finally...dessert! The Tea Mistress brought us 3 slices of cake (chocolate heaven, lemon yummyness and peach cobbler goodness) PLUS assorted petit fours. Good grief they were yummy!

As much as I love an afternoon of tea and goodies, nothing beats an afternoon with good friends. The Girls are the easiest relationship I have...and we've been friends for a dozen years. Unbelievable! I love the Girls to pieces! And I couldn't imagine having that tea party with any other group of women. I love you Girls!!

And that was Birthday Celebration, Round 1. Round 2 is set for Thursday - my actual date o'birth.

Y'know, 40 is ending in a great way; 41'll be nothin'!

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