Friday, April 18, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ R is for...

So many R's ~ random, rants, raves, Rissa...I typed in the word 'random' into and found this great site - randomness! I read through a couple of the weekly topics and found this one; it fulfills the 'random' and the 'Rissa' R's. Enjoy...

Fill in the blanks for this week's meme...

1. I always wanted to spend a weekend in NYC, hitting as many Broadway/off Broadway/off off Broadway shows as possible.

2. I really hate it when customer service in a store is so poor that I have to walk out. Make no mistake, I do walk out.

3. My best friend is not just one person. I'm lucky to have a close, core group of friends who know way too much about me - and like me anyway.

4. In high school I was introverted, on the swim & volleyball teams, crushing on a boy named John Lyons and Senior Class President.

5. My greatest fear is in my own mind, which limits me (another fear).

6. My dream job is to own a wine store/wine bar.

7. Some people really should take drivers training again. And again.

8. My favorite author is going to be me!

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