Thursday, April 17, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Q

I couldn't decide which 'Q' to use, so I'll post both. Lucky you.

Last night, I went to Cube with The Princess and the Debutante. Cube is this great cafe/marketplace in West Hollywood; and it's become our celebratory place - birthdays, promotions, new jobs and all things good. The cafe has a wonderful menu, but we go for the cheese and meats. Well, that and the whole no corkage fee! (Which is a rare find in Los Angeles)

Our typical M.O. is to order several different meats and cheeses, have some wine and enjoy. Last night, we let our server, Natalie, choose for us - which I love. I mean, she works there, tries all the cheeses and can make recommendations. Damn if she didn't pick winners last night! Below are the cheeses we deemed 'favorites':
  • Emigrant: cow, Utah
  • Torta de Cabra Don Mariano (renamed 'Dan Marino'): goat, Spain
  • La Tur: cow, sheep & goat (Trifecta!), France
  • Gorgonzola Dolce: cow, Italy (the one we order every time)

We tried lamb prosciutto, white prosciutto, chorizo and - our absolute favorite! - mole salami. Mmm mmm mmm!

The presentation of it all is fun ~ presented on blocks with the names written in chalk and accoutrements like jams, nuts, dried fruit arranged on it. It's fun to find the right pairing - gorgonzola dolce spread on flat bread, a dab of fig jam and topped with a walnut; or flat bread, slice of mole salami, La Tur and apple butter.

2.5 hours, 10 cheeses, 5 meats and 2 bottles of wine later we left happy women! When you come to L.A., I'll take you there.

Q (okay, I couldn't think of a synonym for 'rude' with the letter q, so...whatever)

Decided on Panda Express for lunch today. Went with the Manager and the VP out to Glendale, to the Vons store on Glendale Ave. Panda is inside - never busy; and today was no exception.

VP ordered first. I'm standing at the counter, telling the gal I had 2 to-go orders. Now, normally, in Panda Express, you follow the person scooping your food down the line as he/she moves. Right? So, she's talking to me; the gal behind her is talking to someone behind me. My gal and I both get distracted because the woman behind me is talking loudly. We lean in towards the glass protection so we could hear. And I'm hit with a shopping basket. Repeatedly. Bam. Bam. Bam. "Move. Move. Move." For each 'move' she muttered, she rammed me with the shopping basket. Seriously. I turned around, thanked her and said just a moment, I'm ordering. And she let's loose - I can't see! I want to order, too! You're rude! Move out of my way! Move a little bit! You're rude! I can't see! Can't you move?! I ignored her and spoke a bit louder. That didn't make her any happier. :::shoulder shrug::: As my gal moved, so did I. The woman turned the cart parallel to the counter and rammed it into me again until I moved (well, it was move or fall over) so she could be right in front of the glass. The whole time she's yelling about me.

I'm paying at the last register; she's next to me. As she turns to leave she sneers "Thank you for being so gracious." I look her in the eyes, smile sweetly and coo "Oh, you're more than welcome."

Crotchety old broad.

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