Sunday, November 25, 2007

another English Beat post

Night 2 of the English Beat at the Belly Up in San Diego last night was spectacular! We actually sat at the bar tables for this show. But once the guys came on, I could NOT stay seated. It was interesting to be off the dance floor, more observer than participant. Good decision on my part.

Here's my Saturday night show Top Ten:

10) The girl outside, trying to get tickets (the show was sold out)...she overheard a conversation between three guys - one of whom was named Dave. She sidled up to him, all batty eyelashes, twirly voice and whatnot: "Ohhhh, Dave! Hiiiii! I saw you here in July. You were great! You're one of my favorite bands!" The guy, stopped her: "Wait. You think I'm Dave Wakeling? Ha! I'm not Dave. Have you ever seen him?" She stammered. I laughed.

9) Some guy outside saying "The English Beat haven't played any shows since 1984!" Really? Huh. Interesting.

8) How the heck can people SIT DOWN while the band is playing?! I couldn't do it.

7) Being at a table gave me an appreciation of all the intricacies of the EB show - interactions, comments, actions, reactions. It was great to see the *whole* show.

6) Dave stopped singing to stop a fight that was brewing on the dance floor. It took a while for him to start up again.
5) It only took 2 songs for girls to jump up on stage. These girls were pretty aggressive with the band - grabbing, spanking, some girl even pinched Dave's nipples. Ever the professional.

4) Antony (no 'H') killed it, once again, on 'Rough Rider.' Damn!

3) 'Tears of a Clown' and 'I'll Take You There' and 'Ranking Full Stop' and 'Mirror in the Bathroom' - all totally stand out for me. The band was so tight and the energy was so palpable, you couldn't help but smile and dance!

2) Wayne, Rick, Rhythmm, Antony (no 'H') and Scot.

1) Dave.

Dave invited Scot & I backstage. What a great night of fun, flirting and laughing! I *still* have a huge smile on my face... :)

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