Monday, November 19, 2007

Greeblemonkey called me out!

Greeblemonkey called me out. Not by name but by inclusion. Uh-huh, thanks. Thanks a lot. This is what happens when I go read other peoples' blogs...

Name six guilty pleasures no one would suspect you of having:
1. I love love love the kids' TV shows The Teletubbies and Thomas the Train & Friends. I usually wake up early Sunday mornings to watch, then go back to sleep.
2. Just like Greeblemonkey, I pick my teeth with business cards or little Post-It notes.

3. When I'm feeling crappy about myself, I watch the videos of the two pageants I was in.
4. I cut my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into four triangles, just like my Mom used to do when I was six.
5. I keep crayons and coloring books in my nightstand.
6. I love love love the movie High School Musical.

Name six guilty pleasures you wish you had the courage to indulge:
1. audition for a theater play
2. take a hip-hop dance class
3. become a sommelier
4. A tattoo. Really.
5. doing PR full-time.
6. getting a pair of designer shoes

Name six pleasures you once considered guilty but have now either abandoned or made peace with:
1. Eating ice cream. So what. (thanks, Greeblemonkey)
2. Shopping - impulse purchases, in particular. So what. (speak on it, Greeblemonkey)

3. Seeing the English Beat live. Nine times since April, with two more this weekend then New Year's eve. So what. (all hail, Greeblemonkey)
4. Sleeping away some of my weekends. So what. (Greeblemonkey rocks)
5. myspace - always updating, changing this or that, looking for new bands. But, so what. (Greeblemonkey rules!)
6. Reading gossip mags - US Weekly, InTouch, People. I gotta know what's going on in this town! So what. (Greeblemonkey, that says it all)

My innermost thoughts and feelings. Out there for a stranger to read!

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