Monday, November 26, 2007

Girl of 100 Lists - favorite beauty items

As a fashionista, there are certain things I can't live without. I will now share them with you:

1 ~ Blister Block: keeps those sensitive spots on my feet from getting blisters! I slide into my shoes and boots much more comfortably.

2 - Hollywood Tape: this is the shit! Little strips of tape to keep your wrap dress wrapped, the gaping holes closed and it's a great quick-fix on a fallen hem.

3 - Dr. Feelgood by Benefit: I wear this product under my make-up. It smooths the fine lines, absorbs oil and gives the skin a great texture & look.

4 - lip balm: I prefer Burt's Bees lip balm - keeps my lip moist and isn't Carmex.

5 - Spanx: invest in Spanx! Totally worth it! Smooth lines under clingy fabrics, sucks in the wobbly bits and is so comfortable to wear! I wore faux spanx under a jersey knit dress and was MORTIFIED when I saw the seams were visible under the clingy dress. :::gasp:::

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