Sunday, November 04, 2007

trip out on this, if you will

Yesterday at lunch, A asked if either Chickens or I had ever had our cards read. We both had. Discussion followed and the 3 of us end up at the Psychic Eye on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. There was only one appointment, so A took it (at our insistence, of course). Chickens & I vowed to come back at some point...

Later that evening, Chickens and I end up at Harmoniez apartment for a low-key hang with the girls. Turns out, Harmoniez reads tarot. Uhh...hellooo! She grabs her cards and her book. Chickens goes first. The placement of her cards was so interesting - if cards are rightside up, they mean one thing; upside down and it's a completely different meaning. Also, where her cards fell in the lineup was interesting.

Then, it was my turn. Some stuff rang true (money, family) and some stuff, honestly, I just didn't get. One card and its placement was something about having no control of a situation (the crap with M&M). When I pulled the 7 random cards, I had 2 Kings and 2 seven's (a great pai gow poker hand, btw) which indicate a strong male influence in my life and work life. Hmm...

At some point in conversation, it comes to light that Harmoniez has a Psychic Circle board. We've done the cards, had some wine, so WTH?! Let's do it! She gives us instructions, does the ritual and we go to it.


I've *never* done this before. I've never even seen a ouija board! This had me totally scared. But inside, I felt safe and open to it.

We each put our fingers on the thingy. And it moves. I am totally thinking H is moving it! She starts asking questions...and asks if any one would like to speak to us. That thing zoomed to 'yes'. It starts spelling out Chickens' name. Damn. As it started to slow down, H asked if any spirit guides wanted to talk to anyone else. It spelled my name. :::shiver:::

I was able to speak to 3 of my spirit guides, one of whom is a child and another who is also a spirit guide to my Mom. I didn't know what kind of questions to ask...which, as it turns out was okay because my strongest SG of the evening spelled out things for me! Incredible, I'm telling you. Things that have been on my mind were spelled out without me asking: work, love, M&M situation, PR. 2 of my 3 SGs spoke of love and PR. But the strongest message was re: M&M - NO MORE ENERGY. I didn't even ask.

I left Harmoniez with my head spinning, a lightness in my heart and feeling better than I have in weeks. At least I know I'm moving in the right direction with things.

I'm not gonna go get all crystalled out or whatever! But, what I saw and felt was amazing.


Mélange said...

Be *very* careful with ouija, Reese. It's not a positive force...please believe me on this.

Reese said...

It's not a ouija board. But I know what I'm getting into - we've done it several times. Thanks for your concern!