Friday, November 09, 2007

Girl of 100 Lists ~ words

Five of my favorite words:

1 ~ Voluntold - a gal in my work group said this is why she joined us

2 ~ delicious - it's fun to say!

3 ~ celebutard - Paris and Nicole

4 ~ incredibly - especially fun alliterationally: incredibly insulting, incredibly idiotic

5 ~ please - not said very often, but when it is, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

What are your five favorite words?


Lys said...

I'm more of a "Comma" gal ;)

I'm gonna have to think about 5 words..5 things - I totally got that covered, 5 words and meanings means I have to turn the brain on - sadly the brain is walking with the writers right now.

fringes said...

Love celebutard! Is it your own?