Thursday, November 01, 2007


Lunch with my team at the comm today - it *is* Turkey Thursday, after all. While stuffing stuffing in my mouth, everything stopped. It became very quiet. Everything blurred and faded except for one thing, one person.

I mumbled "Uhmg ih Jur Oony."
"What did you say?"
I repeated, in my best whisper-loud-enough-for-only-the-table-to hear, "OH. MY. GAWD. IT'S. GEORGE. CLOONEY."

He looked soooooooo handsome. He needs to eat some mashed potatoes or a burger or something. But, damn.

Apparently, he was holding hands with some girl the others were calling his 'girlfriend'. Yeah. Whatever. I am so not trying to hear that.

Oh, saw the guy from 'Chuck' too. Cute, but he's no George Clooney.


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