Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WTF is WRONG with people?!

(although I originally posted this blog in September 2007 on my myspace blog, the same thing happened today.)

This is a rant. Consider yourself warned.

I hate public restrooms. Seriously. Truth be told, I loathe them. Absolutely abhor public restrooms.

On my recent trip to PhilaPA, Aly & I hit the King of Prussia mall - it's like, the second biggest mall on the East coast or something. Walked in to the ladies room to the first empty stall. Well, no wonder it was empty: a) not flushed and b) no toilet paper. Why no tp? Because the toilet paper holder had been ripped out of the dividing wall and was hanging by wires leaving a huge hole, through which the lady in the next stall could be seen! UGH! WTF?!

On the same trip, in the PHX airport: the empty stall I chose didn't have the lever to slide the lock into place, of course. Thank you to the nice lady for holding the door for me. Very junior high, huh?

Today, at work. *sigh* Seriously - what is WRONG with people?! There are two bathrooms on my floor, equidistance from my office. As I am equal opportunity, I use both. This morning, I went to the one in the lobby, only to find toilet seat liners left on the toilets in TWO of the FOUR stalls! WTF?! Ten minutes ago, I walked to the one down the hall to the right. I open the door to the stall to find an inordinate amount of tp floating thisclose to the brim of the toilet! WTF?! WHAT is wrong with people?! How difficult is it to ensure the liner gets flushed with everything else?! PUSH IT IN! Flush more than once if you have to! These women use this bathroom every day. Every. Single. Day. Ugh!

OH OH OH! Ohhh ho ho: Paper towels. Good fucking grief! Put 'em in the trash can!! The trash cans are waist-high ~ you'd think it easy to drop the towels in there. But, nooooo! Seriously, is it so incredibly inconvenient to toss the towels in there? (all of a sudden, Richard Libertini from the movie "All of Me" flashed in my head: "Back in bowl. Back in bowl.")

Anyway, it's ridiculous. Seriously. I just don't get it.

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