Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Girl of 100 Lists - songs I hate

'Hate' is pretty strong. So, let's call it the Top 5 Songs That Make Me Cringe and/or Change the Station:

5) Who Let the Dogs Out ~ ugh. Who let the crappy song onto the airwaves is more like it!

4) I Wanna Be Sedated ~ that's exactly what I want to be when this song comes on. At the taping of 'The Singing Bee' this was one of the songs. SO glad I didn't get it! 20 20 20 4 hours to go oh oh :::shiver:::

3) 500 Miles ~ I would walk 500 miles just to get away from this song.

2) Dream Weaver ~ this song creeps me out for some strange reason...I can trace it back to one of those K-Tel albums I got in junior high school that I listened to incessantly. I think the beginning of the song is what does it to me...

1) We Built This City ~ no words can describe...

What songs make you cringe?

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