Thursday, November 01, 2007

Vegas, baby!

I was in Vegas last week for my cousin's wedding. It was great to do the family thing! I miss being around my cousins - a fun, silly group of people I actually enjoy being around.

However, they didn't make my Vegas Top Ten:

10) Otto the Taxi Driver hitting on me.

9) Room 1021 at Imperial Palace.

8) Jim from Wisco and Mike from Savannah G-A ~ my Pai Gow partners each and every time I went to the casino. Seriously. Morning, noon, night.

7) Curly haired Canadian guy conversation: "There's a La Nina that's causing fires." Uhh..."No, the arsonists are causing the fires." "No, really, it's the La Nina that's starting the California fires." Really? "The arsonists are starting the fires. The dry weather is keeping it burning." He went on aboot La Nina for 10 more minutes. I thought Mike was gonna strangle him...

6) The Dealertainers! No Michael Jackson, but Elvis, Gwen, Barbra and Shakira. Ai yi yi.

5) Having the pit boss lady standing at our table because the dealer sucked ~ didn't split her cards properly, wasn't paying out when she should, ugh!

4) 3 straight flushes in a row! Seriously! Jim & Mike were happy - they had 'envy' bets.

3) Tripling my money over the course of three days

2) Taking $100 of my winnings and splurging at Sephora :)

and, my Number One Vegas Moment...

1) Paying $1 per night - yep, three dollars! - for my hotel room :)

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