Saturday, November 24, 2007

The English Beat - again!

It's another blog about another English Beat show. You probably won't read much more after this - and it's okay! I totally understand. I mean, this is, what? The 9th EB post this year? Yeah, something like that. So :::sniffle::: I will totally understand :::sob::: if you stop reading :::gasp::: right now.

I love the Belly Up in Solana Beach. I really do! It's a huge venue, with a huge open floor (or seating if you prefer) and a great sound system - well, not counting last night. Whatever. I've been to two previous EB shows at the Belly Up and the energy is always incredible.

I hooked up with Scot around 7:45 p.m. We ended up talking with a couple behind us and a couple in front of us - really nice and funny people. The club was clearing out the last of the previous show's stragglers, so we didn't get in until well after the 8 o'clock door. We all pile in...and just sorta hang until the music started. Scot & I sat with Serena and Chris - the couple in line in front of us. What a hoot! She was so animated and talkative, then she got a few beverages in her. Damn! She was non-stop! Serena was asking us, in the round-about way girls do, if Scot & I were a couple. I told her we weren't and she couldn't believe it. Too funny, the expression on her face. Scot, the trooper that he is, brushed it off and laughed at how girls do that sort of thing (matchmaking or whatever).

Gadfly, opening band. Three piece group. Stand-up bass ROCKS! Played way too long. Like, 5 songs too long. Good music. Too long, especially when you're there to see the English Beat. Well, that's why I was there...whatever.

OK. The Beat time! I staked my claim, as usual. But, some huge dude - like 6'6" stood right in front of me. The nerve. There was no getting around him, so I just stood there. The guy next to me kept hugging me for some reason. Guess he's a 12 year-old girl too. ;)

Out come the boys, launching into a new song, which I love but forgot the name. Damn. Oh well, they sound good with the new keyboards and Antony (no 'H') taking over the toasting duties. When I saw them a couple of weeks ago, Antony (no 'H') was still a bit weak on the songs. Not last night. He was ON it! I love the crowd participation stuff ("When I say ENGLISH, you say BEAT"), but after two hours of it, I must admit, I'm a little done. The best part of having Antony (no 'H') was during "Doors of Your Heart" - stick 'im in da living room and turn out da lights EH bet ya wouldn't know if he was black or white BOY! Damn - I only hear that toasting on the record. What a GREAT addition to the band! And when they played "Rough Rider?" Damn! Antony (no 'H') fucking killed it!
Standout number 1 - Dave singing "End of the Party." Damn. He was so intense and emotional and I just wanted to hug him. I love that song on track. But, live? It's a whole other thing. They haven't played it live in a while. Too bad. But am so very glad they did last night.

Standout number 2 - "I'll Take You There." Damn. That is one funky groovy song! And, Wayne on bass? Killed it. KILLED IT. I told W he should have a solo on that song. It's one of the many songs that the band just pull it together, sounding so tight, having fun and just kill it!

Oh. I am so over the girls jumping on stage to dance. OVER IT. They hit the mic, talk into the mic while Dave is singing, flash and whatever else. Yeah, I'm done with that.

I'm looking forward to going back tonight. Are you ready? Said are you ready to go? Hell yeah!

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